Artist Statement

I've been exploring geometric shapes since 1968, when I divided a cube into three equal parts -- along its diagonal. With  these blocks I was able to create larger, more complex shapes. The experiments continued, each leading to the next, and forty-five years later I still find new directions to explore, every one related to that initial discovery.

For the past several years I've been looking at the way that the forms in this family are able to grow into crystal-like lattices, the shapes depending on the angles at the nodes. Looking at the interior space has shown me that certain ones can co-mingle with others, conjunctive, but separate, able to fill all space. This of course leads to questions about the nature of the universe, which I'll leave to the physicists, philosophers and poets.

I've begun to divide some of the original shapes even further, discovering that, when divided, they can recombine with each other to form smaller versions of themselves, then join back into larger ones -- three dimensional fractals.
From the start I've been driven to see what happens when these shapes combine. The symmetry is appealing, but, gladly they don't have to be symmetrical to be sublime. That's one of the interesting features of the rhombic dodecahedron, which has been a major focus of my work.

For me, the process of discovery has been as important as the finished pieces, which all seem part of a continuum, still in motion. At this point I have a workshop full of shapes, in various stages of completion. It's always been and always will be about the next piece, the next step.